The American Shorthair Cat Breed Facts and Personality

The American Shorthair Cat Breed Facts and Personality


The American Shorthair cat is often described as being rather large in size, even by the standards of cats. Although not as large as the Greyhound or even the Siberian Husky, it is still large enough to have some significant advantages over other domestic shorthairs. The American Shorthair cat has a long, sturdy body, muscular shoulders and strong back legs.


The American Shorthair cat is a large, strong medium-size cat. Males typically weigh between twelve and fourteen pounds, and females between eight to nine pounds. They are generally very strong and muscled, their muscles being very thick and rounded in nature. Their backs are large and thick, with a deep neck and chubby ears.


The American Domestic Shorthair cat has the distinction of being the smallest domestic shorthair in existence. Their bodies are nearly as large as that of the Abyssinian and have the benefit of being much more dense and strong than that of the Abyssinian. The American domestic Shorthair cat also has a long, strong coat that keeps the hair cool and dries quickly.


The temperament of the American domestic Shorthair cat is also quite mild. They tend to be very affectionate toward humans and are also known to be friendly toward other animals. However, they do have a tendency towards destructive behavior when left alone for extended periods. They can become highly territorial and will often chase after any and all humans in sight.


The American Shorthair cat is not known for their intelligence. Their learning abilities are quite average, although they are far from retarded. In fact, they are among the cleverest of the domestic shorthair breeds. They have developed a natural sense of hunting and have an innate curiosity about the world around them.

Produce Kittens:

The American shorthair cats can be bred to produce kittens at an early age. in order to keep their breed alive into their teens. This breed is not particularly prone to cancer, so the breeding of this cat is not discouraged because of that reason. Though the American domestic Shorthair cat is rather large in size and somewhat heavy, their lives are relatively short.


A male Domestic Shorthair cat, while still quite small, can easily reach four to five feet in length. Their coat tends to be thick, dense, and silky, and they usually have a gray or white belly. Males of this breed do not appear to have a tail, and instead have long coats on their chests and heads.

Wonderful Choice:

The American shorthair cats is a wonderful choice as a pet for the elderly or anyone who wants to add an animal to his or her household. If you choose the wrong female, you will have a cat that is very difficult to domesticate. .The American shorthairs are not recommended for those that wish to train or catch their cats because they are extremely stubborn and need constant attention in order to remain tame.

Final Words:

You must know That how to properly care for your American Shorthair cats before taking the plunge and adopting one of these lovely, loving animals. The good news is that the American domestic Shorthair breed has been developed by man into a beautiful cat with a long life span, making it a very popular cat to own.


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