Cat Scratch Disease Treatment and Prevention

Cat Scratch Disease Treatment and Prevention
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Cat scratch disease is actually a type of fungal infection which a human can get from being bitten, scratched, or scratched by a feline or canine cat. In the U.S., most cat-scratch disease cases occur in the summer and fall months and generally affect children, probably because of their propensity to play near cats and often be scratched or bitten.

Some cats may be infected with Feline distemper but the chances of you contracting it from your pet are low. If you think you may have Feline distemper, then you should see your veterinarian to get treated as soon as possible.

Scratch Themselves:

Cats often scratch themselves and other objects, such as furniture and their owners, to mark territory and make themselves look bigger. Although cats may be territorial when it comes to hunting and sheltering, they don’t always know the right place to do that, so they will scratch on furniture.

This is often what leads to cat scratch infection or cat scratch fever, a very uncomfortable disease. It’s not pleasant to scratch at your own body and can be extremely painful.


Scratching can lead to infection if your cat is not properly cared for. Cats like to scratch, so it is not surprising that when they scratch on things they will often pick at their skin.

Many people are allergic to cats but if you think you are allergic to your cat, contact your veterinarian right away so that you can avoid scratching on anything that may irritate your skin.

Variety of Factors:

Cat scratches can be caused by a variety of factors, including fleas, ticks, mites, and allergies. There are so many treatments available to combat these infections. However, most of the time these medications will only treat the symptoms of the infection and may not actually get rid of the disease itself.

Feline distemper is one of the few diseases that cats can contract without the use of prescription medication. Although not as severe as other illnesses, cat scratch fever can be deadly if it isn’t treated.

Disease Treatment:

One cat-scratch disease treatment that is fairly new is called Feline Distemper. This is an oral spray, which can be used by you or your veterinarian. It works by disrupting the bacteria that causes the cat-scratch infection and preventing the bacteria from spreading into your system.

Your veterinarian may also prescribe an oral anti-parasitic, which is a pill that kills the micro-organisms that cause the infection.

Cats Scratch on Other Objects:

Cats tend to scratch themselves and other objects, including furniture, as a way to mark their territory and make they look bigger. If you think that your cat have Feline Distemper or other fungal infections, seek medical attention as soon as possible.


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Cat Scratch Disease Treatment and Prevention



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