Bad Things about Cats | Reasons Why You Shouldn’t have a Cat


There are many bad things about cats that you don’t want to hear about. Cats can get into some serious trouble if they are not taken care of properly. Even if your cat is trained and house trained, there are some things that he still can’t help doing. You will want to know about them so that you can avoid these problems in the future.


Cats are known for their scratching. If they can’t scratch then they can get into trouble with furniture, their litter boxes, and other places that are not meant for them. They will also want to claw things to look like they are “puppies.” They won’t take too kindly to you nipping at their nails.

Cats Love to Chew:

Cats love to chew and this can cause a lot of problems. They can break into your shoes, get into your pockets, and chew up your favorite books. They can also get into things that don’t belong to them and scratch. If you have an expensive necklace, watch, or pair of earrings, make sure that they are kept safely away from your cat.

Messes Problem:

Cats can get into everything. The problem is that they get into the messes because they are bored or just enjoy chewing on everything. If you want to train your cat, you need to keep his litter box clean. Some cats just love to get into things and can’t wait until the end of the day to get back at you.

Licking and Chewing:

Cats are known for licking and chewing and this is another one of the bad things about cats. It seems as though they are always licking something. If you have something in your house that they find delicious they will probably be tempted to lick it. Licking can be really embarrassing and it will make you wonder why you are not more careful with your cat.

Jump up on people:

Cats love to jump up on people. You may think that this is cute when you are looking at your cat playing on your lap. However, when you are getting ready for bed you will be thinking that you have been up to no good. If your cat is jumping up on you, do not hesitate to pull him off and get him someplace else where he can’t jump up on you.

Fight Each Other:

Cats can be territorial and will fight each other over the best spot in your home. This can lead to fights between the cats and even between different species of cat. Cats do this because they are territorial and want to stay together. They do not like cats that are not in their territory. They will even fight off other cats that are trying to claim your space. if you have two or many cats in your home.

Cats will not listen to you if they don’t see what they are doing wrong. If they are doing something that you don’t like, tell them what you think about it and let them know. If they refuse to change it, leave them alone.

Eat Almost Anything:

Another of the bad things about cats is that they will eat almost anything. They can eat your food and beverages, but you will want to have a good supply of cat foods and treats handy so they can’t do this. If you feed them food that is not a good fit for their diet, you may end up with cats that have to go to the vet quite often. Because cats bodies are not able to digest all of the ingredients in the food and beverages.

Chew on Things:

Another one of the bad things about cats is that they can chew on things that you do not want them to. If you try to pick something up, they will use their teeth and if you grab a book you can end up with them having quite a mess on your hands and furniture. Just make strongly sure to keep out of your cat reach of children and never put books in their paws.


While many cats are very affectionate, you should also be aware of the bad things that they will do. If you have a lot of animals at home you may find that your cat will have to be taken to the vet a lot more than what they normally would.

The Final Verdict:

It is must important to know us that there are ways that you can train your cat and stop these things from happening. You can help to solve these problems with a few simple tricks and proper training. It will take time to learn how to stop your cat from being destructive and irritating.


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