Australian Shepherd Dog Breed Information to Know

Australian Shepherd Dog Breed Information to Know
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The Australian Shepherd is also known as the “Bulldog” or the “Redbone”. The Australian Shepherd, much like the Cairn terrier is developed from a bull mastiff. The Aussie has long and sleek, thick hair, is usually about two feet tall and weighing around thirty-five to forty-four pounds. It is also believed that this breed of dogs is genetically predisposed to love human contact. The Australian Shepherd is an upright, well-proportioned dog with a high pitched voice.

Used For?

The Australian Shepherd, as well as being used for sport and training purposes, and commonly used in rescue efforts. The Aussie was originally bred for protection and in sporting events as a watchdog. This breed is intelligent, alert, devoted and loyal, and enjoys a close relationship with its master. Due to their size and intelligence, the Aussie is not suitable for households with young children. The Shepherd dog can become quite aggressive if he is constantly threatened by other dogs or if he is not provided with adequate exercise and attention.

Is an Australian shepherd a good as family dog?

Due to their size, intelligence and temperament, the Shepherd dog may be unsuitable for families living in high-rise apartment buildings or condos. The Australian Shepherd may also be unsuitable for families where the children spend a lot of time outside. The Australian Shepherd is also not suitable for households where the children play rough-and-tumble, engage in rough sports, or engage in activities that require physical strength. The Aussie is also not suitable for families that have children who live near water. Because of their large size and short nose, it is also not suitable for households with small children.

Size and Intelligence

Due to their size and intelligence, the Shepherd dog can be very territorial when in its home environment. This breed, like many large breeds of dogs, is aggressive toward other dogs, children and strangers. This breed is also prone to aggressive behavior. The Australian Shepherd should never be left unsupervised or without adult supervision and should be handled by an experienced and properly trained dog owner. This is not a breed for children, as they may be easily frightened by this large and powerful breed.

The Aussie dog is an ideal family dog and is very well suited to being a companion. It is highly intelligent and will respond well to training and commands. The Australian Shepherd dog does not have a fear of people but will become fearful in certain situations. If the Aussie’s natural instincts are not satisfied with a situation, it will exhibit aggressive behaviors. The Australian Shepherd will attempt to gain control over the situation, even using aggression to assert its dominance. This breed will not work well in an apartment or a house where there are no distractions.

Ideal Companion:

The Australian Shepherd dog is an ideal companion for families who live in places where the owner has a house near water or near the woods. The Aussie dog is great at following commands and loves being the center of attention.


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