Akita Shepherd Dog Breed Facts and Information 2021

Akita Shepherd Dog Breed Facts
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The Akita Shepherd dog is a breed with a rich history. The Akita, meaning “Fox Terrier,” was initially bred to hunt wild animals but became an essential part of the Japanese military and police forces during World Waaar II.

After the war, the Akita Shepherd became increasingly popular as a pet and has been in continuous development ever since. The Akita Shepherd makes the right family pet due to its calm nature and its adaptable nature to almost any environment.

Powerful dog

It’s a big, powerful dog that is very protective of its family; it’s exceedingly zealous about the safety of small children. Because of these traits, the Akita Shepherd can often be a nuisance and a loving, gentle pet that has developed into a very responsible member of the household.

The Akita Shepherd is not the best choice for someone who needs a continuously active dog. However, these traits make it an excellent choice for anyone looking for a well-balanced dog.

When considering this breed, it’s a good idea to do some necessary Akita Shepherd breed information. This will ensure that you’re getting the best dog are possible.


The AKA (American Kennel Club) breed standard is an excellent place to start searching for information on the Akita Shepherd’s various characteristics. It provides a measure of behavior that all Akita Shepherds are expected to possess.

The standard includes things like the length of the coat, the color of the eyes, the overall look, and the body’s overall size. You’ll also find that the AKA standard requires that the Akita Shepherd should be between twenty-five and thirty-two inches tall and that it should weigh between one hundred and three hundred pounds.


Akita Shepherds are naturally friendly and intelligent dogs, but they are also prone to getting bored if they’re left alone. They really need a lot of exercise and love to be around people.

It’s a good idea to have a large yard to use for training so that the Akita Shepherd can go out and play. And also to have some toys handy for the dog. You can also allow your dog to roam free in the neighborhood, but make sure that you make sure you know where he or she can go off-leash.

If you plan to keep the Akita Shepherd as a pet for more than a year or two, you’ll want to think about purchasing a dog crate for him or her. These dogs love to be corralled and won’t hesitate to get into a fight if they feel their home is threatened. The longer you keep the dog in a secure crate, the less likely it is that it will fight.


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Akita Shepherd Dog Breed Facts


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