Affenpinscher Dog Breed Best Information

Affenpinscher Dog Breed Best Information


The Affenpinscher is known by the name Monkey Terrier, which is an American dog breed of the toy poodle group. This breed is a medium sized dog, which stands at forty-three inches at the shoulder with a thirty-five-inch head and a forty-eight inch body. They are a sweet dog that is affectionate and loyal. They are intelligent and love to please their owners.


The Monkey Terrier is a dog that enjoys playing with other dogs but is gentle with children. This breed is known for its intelligence and is also said to be a very good watchdog. The Affenpinscher can live up to twenty years, with the longest being forty years. Some people say the dog is short tempered, but other people say it is very loving and gentle.


When the dog was first brought to the United States, many people were not interested in owning one. The American Kennel Club approved the breed in 1883, after testing it over two hundred dogs. They were able to show that this breed of dog did have the proper temperament. This breed was used in Germany and the United States. The Affenpinscher had a bad reputation in the United States until World War I. In that time, they became very popular because of the dog’s popularity. They also helped to improve the quality of living for many dogs.

Easy to Clean:

Their long coat does make it very easy to clean. The hair does not shed as often as most other breeds of dogs. They also love to play and have a lot of energy. Some people consider them to be stubborn, but they have a great need for their owner. They tend to be highly intelligent and alert, as well as having a very keen sense of smell.

Best Watch Dog:

They are very trainable dogs, and they are known to do well in many different environments. This breed will do well in schools or any type of social setting. This breed will make a great family pet and will make the best watch dog.


These are just a few of the reasons why this breed of dog is considered to be so special. The Affenpinscher dog should be a fun and rewarding addition to your family.


They are great family pets. The dog will have a very long life with you, and he will make a wonderful companion. He loves attention and will always be looking for it. They are good with kids and make great watchdogs.

Family Pet:

All in all, the Affenpinscher is a good family pet and should be taken care of. The dog will make a wonderful pet for years to come. He has a great temperament and will make your life much easier.


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Affenpinscher Dog Breed Best Information


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